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Be Kind

As a parent it’s always been important to me that my children treated people with kindness. That they showed respect for others even when they disagreed with or disliked someone else’s perspective.

As a society, we often forget this don’t we?

This past year – 2020, when our ‘perspective’ should have reflected it’s number and given us an ability to learn and grow – it instead took us farther away from kindness.

I used to tell my kids to treat others the way Jesus would treat people. The way they’d like to be treated. What you’ll usually find out is that kindness is contagious and the more you offer it, the more it comes back to you!

There’s some other great benefits of showing kindness as well. Here’s just a few!

  1. Kindness can boost your immune system. Oxytocin, our brain’s feel good hormone is released and reduces inflammation.
  2. Kindness is great for your heart! Oxytocin also expands the blood vessels and aids in reducing high blood pressure.
  3. Kindness gives our minds a break. When we’re focused on the joy, the helping hand, the smile, the grace etc. we offer to others, it gives us a much needed mental break as well!

Stay Kind My Friend,

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