Be Still

Life can sometimes spin out of control only to leave you feeling overwhelmed and brokenhearted. And often with life’s rapid spin comes a separation from Truth.

Sometimes change can also bring forth a reality of monumental unknowns and times of uncertainty.

Be still.

As we face change and the swirling unknowns, there is assurance in the One that is not surprised by change at all! We need to hold tight to the Hand that leads.

In my personal life I am experiencing my biggest and most challenging change. There has been a shift in my future and it’s full of pain and unknowns. The single most important thing I can do is be still. It’s in the times of quiet that I see and hear Truth. It’s where hope and strength ring loud and become attainable.

Be still and know that I am God ~ Psalm 46:10

Let’s join hearts and be still. God’s plan is perfect.

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