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The world is really screaming lately, isn’t it? I’m often finding myself in this place of longing to be still.

I love how God draws us in! How He offers that safe place to fall when we’re overwhelmed and gently reminds us that He is God. There’s also seasons in life where God needs us to be still just so He can move in our life. These times we often miss don’t we?

So, rather than set our sights on the world, let’s be in a place of rest where Truth is found. A soft place where comfort, peace and strength await. Let’s be more doers of reflection and adoration, instead of listening to the noise that surrounds us.

Will you link with me and be still this week? Maybe God is gently whispering and inviting us to rest?

This weeks featured product is Be Still Linen Pillow Cover.
On sale today through Sunday, February 21, 2021!

Here’s just a few ways to be still ♥

  1. Schedule a time for stillness
  2. Find a quiet spot to pray and reflect on Truth
  3. Listen to soft music
  4. Meditate on Scripture
  5. Journal your thoughts

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