Jeremiah 29:11 Wall Decal

For I Know The Plans

Recently I got together with my friend. We sat in this quiet, oh-so peaceful space and chatted about life and some of the heaviness surrounding us

It was easy to be wrapped up in God’s warmth and really step into a presence with Him here.  A time to seek and allow some weights to be lightened. On the walls of this quaint and inspiring space, the Scripture Jeremiah 29:11 was on display. 

We then talked about how for some people, this verse can be hard and difficult to process. How these words may even bring forth hurt and pain through the misunderstanding of the Truth within.

So often we forget to cling to what God is really trying to say.

For I Know The Plans I Have For You - Jeremiah 29:11 by A Great Impression

When we go through different and difficult seasons it can be easy to question what God is really up to. 

We often wonder about His goodness and His plan when the hurts are so heavy.

If you’ve been following along with me – you know I walk a pain-filled, tear-stained road. I am no stranger to navigating deep waters, so I understand!

And right now, our world is deeply suffering. We as people are being thrown into what feels like a deep, dark pit of despair. We’re grieving and mourning. We’re weary, worried and on our knees for the future. Desperately seeking strength and comfort. Desperately needing situations to change and hope to arise.

Where is God? – many people may be wondering? Where is the hope in the future?

​What I know is this – this world is not for us. It’s just a vapor in time and God is in control. Our future does not rely on anything this world has to offer. Amen!

Trusting in God means we are WITH Him, not this world. And with God, there is hope in our future!

Trust in His plans dear friend. Simply fall into His presence and allow Truth to wash over you.