God Has Planted A Mighty Seed Within You

God Has Planted A Mighty Seed Within You

Defeat hits me from time to time. Lately it’s coming at me from more than one direction.

But, I know this feeling is not from God. Truth is, within me + you is a far greater purpose than we know. Sometimes though, we head down a path that ends to ‘no-where’ – or life grabs hold of our plans, hopes and dreams and crushes them. That can feel like defeat.

I’m strong enough in my walk with God to know that He is the One in control.

This feeling of defeat could mean He has something different planned for my life, this business, my family, my friends – all of it and all of me! I’m not steering this ship and there will be things I don’t understand along the way in the waves of life. That’s often a heavy load to carry though isn’t it? It has left me floundering about more than once trying to simply stay afloat. But, I also know this – within me is a seed that is just waiting to blossom + grow!

My job is to seek Him first and He will do the rest.

So, press on Dear Friend. Keep pressing on and seek what still is yet to be harvested.

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