Squeeze The Day Inspiration

Let’s Squeeze The Day

I went into 2021 with a word. A mission statement for myself to live life differently and more purposefully. That word isintentional.

Realizing for most of my life these past few years that I was not always the best at being intentional, I decided to make a change!

It’s been both a mixture of feeling like life is controlling me, and also the need to start doing more to live. Maybe 2020 challenged me to put these thoughts into motion? I’m not sure, but it was definitely time!

After my baby girl met Jesus in 2015, life has been more than off kilter for me and my family. Finding new joys can feel sometimes like a mountainous feet – too uphill to even come close to fully experiencing.

I know God doesn’t intend for my life (nor yours) to feel so heavy. But, I also know that I need to be the one to make my desires of experiencing more my responsibility. To look beyond the pain, the struggle, and the never-ending piercing that has taken up residence in my heart.

There’s several ways I work at being intentional these days. But, one of my favorites is a weekly date night with my hubby! We have a box, titled Squeeze The Day, filled with date cards – most of which are very easy and don’t cost a single thing!! Taking a walk, a visit to a new town, writing each other a letter, making dinner together – just to name a few. And then some dates require us to put a tad more effort in – like dinner out, taking dance lessons (hard with Covid, but we found some online courses!) or a weekend away. We’re committed to staying the course and squeezing each date!

Squeeze The Day Date Cards - A Great Impression

This week we’ll enjoy dinner out overlooking one of our amazing lake views along our town’s coastline. Our date card read ‘dinner on the water’ – to which my husband replied, “we won’t really be on the water”. We chuckled and also know that we are not Jesus and can’t walk on water! ♥

Squeeze The Day - A Great Impression

Now it’s your turn to go squeeze the day and live with intention!

Much Love,

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