Mugs and More!

Hello Friends!

Just wanted to give you quick update since it’s been awhile since I last posted! I promise to keep working on getting better at meeting with you all this way : ) Writing and connecting brings me great joy so I am hopeful to get into a better routine. To say it’s been hectic these last few months on the home front would be an understatement!

In June my youngest son graduated high school and we hosted a celebration for him. Ahhh, still can’t believe it! He was just running around as a toddler with bouncing curls just yesterday. Then in July we experienced a flood in our basement (an over 3000 gallon fresh-water-flood) so that wasn’t too fun at all to work through. Still an on-going project, but my main work space is back to functioning so for that I am extremely grateful!  Next up in August was my oldest son’s bridal shower. Now, that sure was A LOT of fun to plan!  The end of October will b the big “I do”!!!  And later in August because life just needed some more craziness haha, we decided to breed our dog Hope.  We are still waiting on the full-legit confirmation that pups are on the way. The timing in this adds even more to the already existing whirlwind of life … as of now, the due date is 3 days after the wedding! Crazy, I know! More details soon though on our girl Hope because it’s such a sweet story all in itself. ❤️

I am also super excited to announce that a new mug line has officially been launched! Here’s a link where you you can find a few of them. New additions will keep coming too!

Even in the midst of busy life and the constant changes it brings forth, I am so grateful that God remains the same through it all. He is a constant in every situation, every trial, and every joy we experience.

Blessings and much love,

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