Note from the New Owner

Hi there!

I feel as though I already know you! Walking along side Mary from the very beginning of A Great Impression has allowed me to love this company from the start. To encourage and watch her grow has been a real joy! It’s such a honor to now get to know each of more deeply from this side of the company.

Here’s a tad bit about me before I get too deep in sharing my heart: I’ve been married to my teenage-sweetheart for 27 years. I still think I’m 29 though, so how is that even possible?! We have four children – three who walk this earth with us and one who lives in Heaven. I’m a Jesus girl – born, raised and still live in Michigan! Some of my hobbies include reading and journaling, and I really enjoy photography too. I recently named my back patio My War Room – I can frequently be found there in the warmer months of the year. If you’d like to learn more about me, feel free to visit my personal blog here.

Now on to sharing my heart in becoming the owner of A Great Impression. It’s hard for me to put into words what this entire journey feels like because it’s not about a business deal or the selling/buying of a company. It’s more about another layer and dimension in the friendship Mary and I share. That is so incredibly beautiful and special to me!

Creativity is the love language that Mary and I share. There is no one else I share life with that I can speak in depth this language! Our conversations can bounce quickly from vector art work, to sewing seam allowances, or what zipper would work best in a project. Or there’s also, how great a fabric stretches and the awesome new vinyl that just appeared on the market. Our conversations might seam a bit foreign to anyone else within our range, but to us it sounds more like a sweet song.

I have always felt that I walked a step behind Mary in life and business. She was farther along in her business when we met and that meant that I had some learning and growing to do. She is so incredibly gracious and passionate about helping woman begin entrepreneuring. Mary is an excellent teacher and I quickly became a good student early on in our friendship. And in life, her older kids are a few years ahead of mine which allowed me to watch and learn once again. She has gracefully paved the way for what is always on the horizon for me. We’ve always been a good compliment to one another though too. Where one of us lacks, the other is strong – so learning from these different strengths and attributes in life and business has allowed our friendship to grow deeper.

On a personal note, I could not do daily life without Mary. She is a vital component that allows my heart to keep beating. When I look back at our friendship and how God used the similarities in our creativity to form a connection, I can see His hand in it all. He knew then that I was going to need someone in my life as special as her. He knew then I would need a Mary – My Mary as I call her. I am grateful beyond words for the blessing she has been and is to not just me, but my entire family.

Mary mentioned in her last post, how she and I have never once competed for business. There hasn’t been a time that either of us felt the need (and for years we lived within walking distance so our circle was very much the same). Instead, we are the voice on the other end of the phone saying, “I’ll be praying that your fitting goes well” or “How did your appointment go?” Always encouraging the other along. That’s what makes us work. That’s what will allow this transition to be smooth also. We have always put our friendship before business.

I am excited to bring part of me to A Great Impression. At the same time, as much as Mary an I are both ready to take this step, I am also incredibly sensitive to her heart. All the love that has been poured into this company surely will not go unnoticed on my end and I am honored and ready to continue sharing that same love. As Mary continues to work hard and grow her other company A Great Baby – we will still be cheering each other on from the sidelines just as we always have.

Here’s to new beginnings and a long lasting friendship built on the foundation of Christ.


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  1. Hi Pamela,

    I am so in awe of the friendship that the two of you share. I would say that a friendship like yours only comes along once in a lifetime, but for most people that once-in-a-lifetime never happens. You two are so blessed to have each other. I look forward to seeing what you do with AGI. I love the artwork and hope to bring more into my home.

    God bless you in your new endeavor! I know He will.

    Dawn Allen

    1. Thanks Dawn! Yes we are blessed in friendship and more importantly as sisters in Christ (which makes the friendship all the sweeter). Thanks too for the support and encouragement with AGI ~ xo

  2. It is very rare that we are gifted with such a try friendship and the way you and Mary support and love each other shows us how Jesus wants us to treat one another.
    I wish you both much success in your future endeavors and am excited to see where each of you takes your business. I know in my heart, we are all in for a real treat!

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