Eucharisteo: Joy Grace Thanks / Wall Decal


Small: 22.5″ wide X 5.5″ tall

Medium: 35″ wide X 8.5″ tall

Large: 47″ wide X 11.5″ tall

Three little words joy, grace, and thanks can really go a long way! Within every heart is the desire to feel joy and spread joy and we all need grace from time to time. Thankfulness stems from all of our blessings and makes our hearts beat with gratitude for Our Father and gratitude for those around us too.

This decal can be enjoyed from any space – the statement you see when you enter your home in your entry all the way down to your bedroom or office space too.

Let us help you decorate that special space and display these three powerful little words for you to admire everyday ♥

Joy, grace and thanks … what a great combination!



Our decals are made from a high quality vinyl that will not harm your walls, but is sure to stick! You can safely remove the decal when you no longer wish to have it displayed, but unfortunately once the decal is removed, it cannot be re-applied.

Each order comes with an application tool and direction brochure to ensure that you can apply your decal with ease. Don’t hesitate to message us if you have any questions –

Be sure to check out all the amazing color options we have available too!

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