Lean In To Grace / Wall Decal


Small: 22.5″ wide X 6″ tall

Medium: 36″ wide X 10″ tall

Large: 48″ wide X 13″ tall

Oh grace, what a gift you are!



Lean in to grace! God’s love for us is ever present and when we feel hard pressed we can find rest in His unending grace.

This beautifully designed decal will add inspiration to your home and be that gentle reminder to receive His grace, extend it to others, and rest in His love.

You’re going love the finished look of this decal because it will look like it’s been painted onto your wall. Plus, installing is as easy as 1-2-3! Your decal will arrive with an application tool along with an easy to read direction brochure.  You can apply your decal with confidence and of course we are always here to help if you have any questions.

Don’t see something you’re interested in? No worries, we offer custom designs too!  Just fill out this custom order inquiry form https://agreatimpression.com/custom/ for more information!

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