A Great Impression Home Decor

Restoration and Spontaneous Joy

Last week I surprised my parents and made a 3 hour (one way) drive to spend the day with them. They both had just celebrated birthdays so I just arrived to spend some time with them 🎂

As it turns out though, I was the one who became more blessed by this unexpected visit 💗

Since then, I can’t stop thinking about how life swoops in and time has become a thing in such demand. But friends, we aren’t designed to let the world get in our way of what and who matter most! Sometimes taking a step back, and away, from the chaos + pressures will bring forth moments of rest where hope arises! Moments where God filters in to restore + heal the brokenness and heaviness.

I’ve lived the better part of these last 5+ years since my baby girl met Jesus in a place of desperately chasing after joy. And rest doesn’t come easy for me with the constant weight of grief I carry. Mix in everyday life, running a business and it lends itself to an all too often place of barely keeping my head above the waves.

I’m so grateful for this day spent with my folks away from the noise and daily grind. And, that 6+ hour drive filled day was what my heart needed in a reset as I spent quiet time with God. No coincidence that God used my blessing … and gave it back to me tenfold!

I’m sharing this for the one person who also may be walking in this struggle. Don’t be afraid to let go of what you can’t control, give it to God, step into rest and find a new rhythm even just for a day! I’m most certain you’ll be blessed too!

This picture right here represents the sweetness of joy at its finest! An unplanned crazy selfie moment (maybe gone wrong haha) equating to pure spontaneous joy.

Just what my heart needed! Thank you Lord 🙏

A Great Impression Home Decor

Joy, Grace and Thanks

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