Serenity Prayer - God Grant Me The Serenity


Serenity Prayer - God Grant Me The Serenity

This world is full of hard! Things that don’t make sense are in constant motion + it often feels completely overwhelming.

Everyday I find myself leaning into that space that feels unnatural, or out of line, or that space that creates a question mark in my heart.

At the same time, I know I’m not equipped to handle the why’s. The answers to the wonderings of my heart can’t be fully answered this side of Heaven.

God didn’t create us to have all of our “i’s” dotted and our “t’s” crossed. Instead he designed us to be reliant upon Him.

God grant us the serenity we need to process the hard. Equip us with courage and give us the insight we need to keep pressing on as we lean on You.

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