The story of a company founded on a dream and a prayer.

The Timeline


A Prayer Is Answered

September 2008 After twenty years of sewing dance costumes and personalizing with embroidery monograming, Mary realized she needed to simplify her home business. Mary’s pastor prayed over her, that she would learn to “work smarter, not harder.” When Mary purchased a machine that put names on the backs of t-shirts, she discovered she could use it to create wall decals. At that time, no other online company was designing beautiful scripture-based decals Mary could envision. On a dime and many prayers, A Great Impression was launched.

Exciting Growth

October 2010 This little business which was supposed to simplify life soon blossomed into a full-time job. Tired and overworked, Mary realized she needed help even with her sweet husband’s assistance. Mary’s daughter, Jessica, offered to help from her home seven hundred miles away.

Third Shop Opens

October 2011 Mary and Jessica could not keep up with the orders, so Mary’s daughter-in-law began a third shop in a third state. Mandy was a new army wife excited to join the team full-time. This is when Mary realized the joy she felt in helping women work from home while raising their families.

Steady Growth

Mary began to reorganize the company focusing more on custom orders while her daughters managed regular orders. Providing customer service, learning website interfaces, and designing new products kept Mary constantly busy.

New Growth And A New Product Line

Jessica’s home filled with more love and laughter than time when she became a mother of two. So her little sister joined the business, moving Jessica’s equipment to her own college dorm. Mandy became production lead. Mary added her long-time friend, Lisa Bewley, to the team to create custom orders. Mary expanded her business to add personalized baby clothing. A second company was born, A Great Baby.
Early 2016

A Close Call

Spring 2016 After a website developer nearly closed their company with a job done poorly, orders and morale plummeted. The team was challenged to wait in confidence that God was not finished with their passion for this work. Mary dug deeper than ever before into both her spiritual life and business knowledge. Mary and Lisa revised products, modernized decals, and reevaluated every aspect of the company. They made necessary changes to run everything more efficiently.
Fall 2016

Teamwork Made The Dream Work

Fall 2016 A brand new website, developed by a true professional, launched in the Fall of 2016. Mary saw it as a blessing from God. From the day she first spoke with Tie, she noticed a peace about him. A month into the project, he unknowingly confirmed this. Tie shared that every aspect of the job had major issues. However, he felt it was “meant to be,” because what should have been terribly difficult was not. The entire AGI team has given so much time, energy, and prayer to this business. We feel blessed, revived, reorganized. We are eager for you to become a “regular” in our shop. We know you will feel the love and care we put into our products. We are excited to see how God will use us as we help you create beautiful walls—walls that will bring him glory and inspire your loved ones.